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Sgt. Abraham Ford ist eine fiktive Figur aus der Comic-Serie The Walking Dead und wurde von Michael Cudlitz in der gleichnamigen amerikanischen Fernsehserie porträtiert. In beiden Medien bereiste Abraham das Land mit seiner Freundin Rosita. Abraham Ford ist ein Hauptcharakter und Überlebender des Ausbruchs in AMC's The Walking Dead. Vor. Jordana wurde als Codename für Rosita sowie John Tyler mit Abraham und Wayne Kesey als Eugene bestätigt. Charaktere: The Walking Dead · Familie Grimes. The Walking Dead: Das müsst ihr über Abraham Ford wissen. Abrahams Biografie in TWD. Olga Hottes - Profilbild. Olga Hottes. Juli um. Es ist tatsächlich offiziell: Neben TWD-Urgestein Jon Bernthal aka "Shane" "​The Walking Dead": Abraham-Darsteller Michael Cudlitz kehrt in.

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Michael Cudlitz a.k.a. Abraham ist auch in der neunten Staffel The Walking Dead involviert. Dieses Mal allerdings hinter der Kamera – und. Abraham Ford ist ein ehemaliger Militär, der zufällig auf den angeblichen Wissenschaftler Sgt. Abraham Ford (Staffel 4) Michael Cudlitz, The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead: Das müsst ihr über Abraham Ford wissen. Abrahams Biografie in TWD. Olga Hottes - Profilbild. Olga Hottes. Juli um.

El contemplar la idea de matar a Rick hizo que el hombre se quebrara emocionalmente por considerarse un asesino pero gracias al apoyo de Rosita pudo superar su trauma.

Tras darle aviso a Rick acerca de lo que estaba ocurriendo, al sargento le fueron dadas ordenes de mantener a su grupo vigilando los muros en el caso de que ocurriera cualquier eventualidad.

Tras ser velado en la iglesia de la comunidad, Abraham fue enterrado en el cementerio de la Zona Segura.

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Volumen What We Become. After a while, Abraham forgives Eugene and tries to become friends with him once again. By the start of Season 6 , while he initially seems to adjust to being in the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Abraham's PTSD worsens during the quarry plan, as he begins to show suicidal tendencies, by taking on walkers that are splitting off from the herd.

These tendencies also causes him to risk his life, either by falling or by being bitten, by trying to get an RPG that was stuck with a hanging walker, and his frustrations leads to him screaming at the walker.

He is greatly intrigued by the prospect of starting a new family, both to carry on humanity and get through his funk.

With time passing, Abraham slowly starts to have a love interest about Sasha Williams and he later decides that he actually wanted to make a relationship with her all this time.

Eventually, he breaks up with Rosita Espinosa , as he truly wants to be with Sasha and maybe even make a family with her. Even in the face of death, even if it is going to be a slow and painful death, Abraham is shown to be absolutely fearless and defiant when Negan executes him by smashing his head multiple times with his baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, " Lucille ".

In his final moments, Abraham dies a noble and courageous man who makes his final humorous words to his murderer, "Suck Abraham grew up in Houston, Texas, although little is known about his early childhood.

At a young age, he enlisted into the U. S Military where he most presumably served in the middle-east, and through his years of service, he eventually gained the rank of Sergeant.

Outside of his military career, Abraham grew to become a family man, where he met a woman named Ellen where the two fell in love and became married, together the pair had two children named A.

The four lived together as a typical family, located in Houston, Texas where they attended several country fairs as well as a goat rodeo.

After the onset of the outbreak, Abraham was present with his family alongside several of their neighbors in Houston where together they holed themselves up inside a local grocery store.

However upon returning from a supply run, Abraham discovered that his once trusted comrades had raped his wife in his absence, causing Abraham to brutally retaliate, killing four men in the process.

This event was witnessed by his family whom became traumatized by his actions to where eventually they decided to leave him out of fear.

After reading a note left behind, Abraham desperately searched for his family until he tragically discovered that his family had been devoured by walkers on the road; devastated by the loss of his entire family Abraham swiftly attempted to commit suicide only to be fatefully alerted by Eugene Porter whom he saved from three pursuing walkers whom Eugene then proposed to him an important mission.

Upon being informed under the unknowingly false pretense of Eugene's ability to develop a cure - this led Abraham to a regained sense of purpose and thus he personally vowed to help deliver him to their intended destination - Washington D.

During their journey they encountered fellow survivor Althea , who interviewed them both before parting ways. Eventually at some point during their travels, the two encountered a group of survivors consisting of Rosita Espinosa , Josiah , Stephanie , Warren , Rex , Pam , Roger , Dirk , and Josephine whom were fending of against the infected, where Abraham assisted them.

Impressed with their skill, Abraham recruited them into their group and agreed to fulfill their mission to deliver Eugene to Washington.

Over time Abraham and Rosita developed a romantic relationship with each other, throughout their journey through Houston to Georgia they gradually lost group members one-by-one until Rosita was the sole member left from her original group.

While she does so, Abraham, Rosita , and Eugene pull their truck up to her. After Tara sarcastically thanks them for their help and asks if they enjoyed the show, the trio exit their truck.

In response to her comment, Abraham tells her that she's "got a damn mouth", then asks about what else she has.

Tara sits at the back of Abraham's military truck, writing the street names on her hand as the truck drives past them.

They are forced to stop when they come across a car wreckage blocking the road, and three walkers nearby approach. Tara prepares to shoot them with a rifle, but Abraham orders her to stop and proceeds to attack them with a crowbar.

Tara notes that it's the first time she's seen someone smile while killing a walker, to which he replies that he is "the luckiest guy in the world".

The group is soon back on the road, and Glenn finally awakens. He angrily bashes on the back window, demanding that they stop the truck.

Abraham ignores him and flips him off until the window begins to actually crack. Abraham then angrily stops the truck, and as Glenn tries to leave, Abraham tells him that he is causing disruptions to "the mission.

Glenn tries to leave anyway, and after Abraham tries to force him to stay, Glenn punches him. Abraham angrily retaliates, and a full fight breaks out.

Rosita and Tara unsuccessfully try to intervene, and Eugene is the only one to notice the herd of walkers closing in. The others are too distracted by the fight to notice Eugene calling for them, and it's only after Eugene begins opening fire that the fight stops.

After the herd is cleared out, they discover that Eugene's haphazard shooting damaged the truck's gas tank. As Glenn and Tara once again prepare to leave, Rosita chooses to go along with them, stating that with the truck inoperable, there's nothing else for them to do.

Eugene then says to Abraham that it would be practical for them to go along as well, stating that it would be safer going back the way they came than venture into the unknown and that they would search for a new vehicle in the mean time.

Abraham is seen walking on the train tracks along with Tara, Glenn, Rosita, and Eugene. At night he talks with Tara about Eugene and Rosita, and reveals that he knows Tara is gay, judging by the way she "looked down Rosita's shirt while she served her dinner".

Later, he asks the group to stop to rest, believing that if they keep going they will be too tired to survive. He also believes that resting for the moment is a better way of keeping Eugene safe.

After a walker falls from the tower next to them, Abraham agrees with Glenn to give Eugene the riot gear in order to keep moving, with Eugene being safe.

Continuing to Terminus, they find a dark tunnel filled with walkers. Abraham is not willing to bring Eugene through the tunnel.

As a result, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene head back to find a car. Before leaving, Glenn tells Abraham that he was sorry he hit him.

In response, Abraham says that he wasn't and that he liked to fight. Later on, as the three remaining survivors are traveling in an abandoned car, Eugene spots Bob Stookey , Maggie Greene , and Sasha Williams , and the six of them then save Glenn and Tara in the tunnel after they are surrounded by walkers.

The eight survivors reach Terminus the next day, and are greeted by Mary , who offers them something to eat.

Abraham remarks that they won't be there for long, which Rick remarks no and says that the Terminus group is stupid.

Abraham asks what the Terminus group is going to find out and Rick responds with the final line of the season: "They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out Abraham is trapped in Boxcar A and is first seen making a makeshift weapon out of a piece of wood attached to his glove.

After the attempt to escape fails he is left trapped in the boxcar. Later on he tells Eugene to stay close to him when they escape.

When Rick releases them from the boxcar, he fights his way out of Terminus, jumping the fence last. After accompanying Rick's group after meeting Carol Peletier and Tyreese Williams , Abraham and Rosita discuss telling Rick about Eugene knowing how to stop the outbreak and their voyage to Washington D.

While the group are walking through the woods, Abraham witnesses Michonne bashing a walker's head in with the butt of her gun. Later, Abraham begins trying to talk Rick into his plan to go to D.

The group then hears cries for help, and they come across a man in preacher clothing on a rock surrounded by walkers. Abraham assists in killing the walkers.

After throwing up, the man introduces himself as Father Gabriel Stokes. He reveals that he has a church and the group follow him to it.

Once the group arrive at the church, Abraham suggests fixing the bus and taking it to D. Michonne thinks that they should rest and gather supplies first, to which Rick agrees.

Abraham is about to object, until Glenn tells him that one way or another they're following Rick. At night, the group are celebrating as Abraham proposes a toast.

He says each and every one of the group has earned their title of survivors, but asks if that's all they want to be as he makes his pitch for Washington.

Abraham looks at Judith and asks them to save the world for that little one or for themselves, or for the people out there.

Rick and the others agree to join. Rick meets with the group to discuss what to do next, his choice being to hunt down Gareth 's group.

As they disappear into the woods, the Hunters appear, arriving at the church from a different route, and break in. Albert and Mike approach a door in the church but are both shot in the head from behind.

The Hunters turn around as Rick appears from the shadows and orders them to drop their weapons.

Gareth begins to panic and tries to get Rick to back down by threatening the rest of his group, but Rick unceremoniously shoots off his middle and index fingers as he points at the door.

Gareth fall to his knees and tells the rest of the Hunters to do as Rick says. All of them except Martin kneel, who insists they haven't been beaten.

Abraham steps out of the shadows and puts his rifle to Martin's head, and orders him to get down, which Martin does.

Rick talks to Gareth before pulling the machete with the red handle from his belt and slashing Gareth with it.

Abraham bludgeons Greg to death with his rifle, while Michonne and Sasha kill Theresa and Martin, respectively.

During the next morning, Abraham gives Rick a map depicting the route they would taking to Washington. The group has decided to split up, with Abraham's group, along with Glenn, Maggie and Tara leaving for Washington, and the rest of the group promising to follow after Daryl and Carol return.

Rick then opens the map to find the message, "Sorry for being an asshole earlier. Come to Washington. Abraham and his group are driving down the road in the church short bus when it suddenly breaks down mid-travel and crashes.

After it catches fire the group is forced to abandon it and take shelter in a nearby library. At night he has sex openly with Rosita, who notices Eugene watching them - as usual - but Abraham doesn't mind, saying "he's harmless".

The next day they find a fire truck across the street and Abraham manages to start it up and drive it briefly, but human remains stuck in the air intakes cause it to stall - evidence suggests the truck was used to kill walkers.

He is unaware that the truck was also used to barricade a group of walkers inside the fire station, who begin to pour out from the unblocked doorway.

Eugene uses the truck's powerful hose to destroy the walkers, impressing Abraham. The group manage to fix the truck and drive it for some time before it breaks down again.

As Abraham tries to fix it a horrible stench is blown their way from over the horizon. The group walks out to locate the source and see a vast herd of walkers moaning in the far distance.

Abraham demands that they keep going, much to the protest of the others, and in frustration he drags Eugene back to the fire truck.

The group begins yelling and fighting, which at this point Eugene decides to confess: he had lied about being a scientist the entire journey in order to survive, and that he had sabotaged the bus to stall the trip, fearing what would happen if everyone found out the truth.

Abraham angrily punches Eugene, knocking him unconscious, and is surprised when Rosita steps in his way to stop him, hand on her pistol.

He walks off some distance and falls to his knees, crying. Throughout the episode, there are several flashbacks that portray Abraham's back story during the early days of the outbreak.

He is first seen covered in blood and cuts and killing off the last of a group of men with a soup can in the back of a supermarket, then going to see if his family is okay - it is suggested that the men he was killing were attacking them.

His family - consisting of his wife Ellen , his son A. The next morning, he wakes up to find them missing, and sees a written message left behind that reads "Don't try to find us".

He rushes out of the supermarket and searches for them, only to later find their devoured remains lying in a ditch. Saddened and traumatized, he pulls out his handgun and prepares to commit suicide, but stops when he sees Eugene stumbling towards him and calling for help, trying to flee from some walkers.

Abraham gets up and kills them easily, then walks back to his dead family. Eugene begs him to come back, saying he has "a very important mission".

Abraham pauses and looks back at him. Abraham spends most of the episode on his knees; unresponsive and staring into the distance.

A frustrated Rosita tries to give him water, but he smacks the bottle out of her hand and looms over her menacingly.

Maggie draws her pistol on him, threatening him to sit back down. He looks at her sadly, and then complies - back on his knees again.

He continues on in this catatonic state, even when the others head off to scavenge and Maggie bitterly scolds him to "get over him self.

He finally opens up: "I thought I did Abraham and his group return to the church where Michonne, Carl, and Father Gabriel have locked intruding walkers inside.

Michonne informs them that Beth Greene , Maggie's sister, is alive, much to Maggie's relief. Together they head to Atlanta to assist Rick, Daryl, Tyreese, Sasha, and Noah - all of whom have already gone, in retrieving her.

They reappear at the end of the episode, colliding with Rick and the others at the hospital only to see Daryl carrying Beth's corpse.

Abraham appears when Maggie, Daryl, and Sasha came back from the woods after they failed to find food and water. When they run out of gas, Abraham and the group begin their long walk to Washington D.

He participates in pushing the walkers off the cliff. Sasha comes over to the walkers and begins to stab them with Abraham remarking "The plan just got dicked".

Abraham offers Sasha a drink of whisky but she coldly rejects him. They decide to eat the dogs. Then they also hear a tornado coming.

Daryl found a barn and directs the group over to it. Abraham and the group search the barn. Abraham is present when Aaron , a recruiter for a supposed Alexandria Safe-Zone , is interrogated at the hands of Rick.

Aaron tells the group about two cars, and Abraham is one of the people sent by Rick to check it out, along with Rosita, Michonne, Maggie and Glenn.

When the group finds the cars, Abraham and Rosita check out a motor home and find food inside. He then mentions the past events after Eugene's lie reveal and asks Rosita if she thought he was going to hurt her, to which she replies "no".

Abraham gets separated from the rest of the group when the car Rick, Glenn, Michonne and Aaron were in is driven right into a herd, but later reunites with the group in an old warehouse.

Abraham drives the motor home to Washington himself, believing that the group would be able to get there even with low fuel, which instantly leads to the motor home's battery dying.

Glenn redirects Abraham to a spare battery elsewhere in the motor home, having learned about mechanics before from Dale Horvath.

At the end of the episode, Abraham arrives at the Alexandria Safe-Zone with the rest of the group. Abraham enters Alexandria with the rest of his group and demands to know who "Deanna" is when Aaron mentions her after Nicholas demands everyone to turn over their weapons.

Following their entrance, Abraham is interviewed by Deanna Monroe , the leader of the community, where she assigns him to work on the construction crew to assist with the town walls.

Abraham arrives at Deanna's party with Rosita. They both appear to be uncomfortable, but she relaxes after she mentions there is beer and smiles when Abraham goes off to grab some drinks.

Later, he is seen talking to Michonne. Abraham is first shown washing his face, apparently after having sex with Rosita.

While gathering materials from the mall construction site they are attacked by numerous walkers. Tobin shows a need to leave her behind, but Abraham rushes in and manages to save her life.

He then goes under the perch and gives Francine his gun while he uses the spike ball to kill the walkers.

Afterwards, he scolds Tobin for almost leaving Francine to die, then she comes and punches Tobin for that. He then orders two lookouts and wants everyone to build a wall, with him taking in charge.

Abraham first appears in the room with Rick, Glenn, and Carol, discussing what to do about the meeting in the evening that will decide if Rick gets to stay or not.

He is then seen checking on Tara, with Rosita and, unknowingly, Eugene in the room as will. He is about to leave when he see's Eugene due to their previous conflict, but Rosita stops him and says Eugene is asleep.

He sits down next to Eugene and Tara when Rosita purposefully knocks over a pan, waking Eugene. The two make amends and acknowledge that they both helped each other to Alexandria and that they were both sorry for what had happened prior.

Pete Anderson , the abusive husband of Jessie with whom Rick brawled in the streets the day before, shortly arrives in a drunken rage, trying to kill Rick.

With Abraham pinning him down, Rick shoots and kills Pete. Abraham first appears in a flashback. Abraham carries Reg's corpse to the Alexandria graveyard and is laying it down when he notices Reg's wedding ring on his finger.

He draws a bottle of whiskey and pours a little on the tarp covering Reg's body in tribute to him. Later that night, Abraham is drunk on the porch of a house.

He plays with Reg's wedding ring by trying to keep it atop his whiskey bottle without it falling. He then notices Sasha walking by him.

He throws up a peace sign at Sasha, who, after some hesitation, returns the gesture. Another day, while at the town meeting to discuss what needs to be done about a quarry full of walkers near the community, Abraham decides to go with Sasha to help lead the walkers away from the quarry.

Abraham later appears with Rick's group outside the Safe-Zone where he asks Sasha if she still wants to die. He later appears when he helps Rick and the others to help construct a wall.

When walkers appear and the Alexandrians are too scared to fight back, Abraham and the others go over and kill the other walkers. Rick announces everyone to go in their positions, that they must execute the plan at that moment.

In the car, Abraham asks Sasha if she is doing good, to which Sasha replies that she already answered him. As they are leading the walkers away, Abraham notices a few walkers heading off into the woods after some shiny material in the woods, so he gets out of the car, gets their attention, and kills a few of them before getting back into the car.

Sasha asks him why would he do something as reckless as he did and he says it was fun. He then begins to describe the events that led to the deaths of Reg and Pete in a gruesome matter, which Sasha notices.

Everything is going as planned until they hear a horn begin blaring from Alexandria. Still leading the herd of walkers away in their vehicles despite many of the walkers heading to Alexandria, Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl all discuss plans to get the herd away from Alexandria without any casualties.

Sasha says that the herd could stop them if Daryl goes ahead as he suggested and Abraham agrees with her.

As Daryl speeds off anyway, Sasha and Abraham both yell for him not to go ahead. Later, Sasha and Abraham both listen as Rick alters the plan.

He tells Daryl to go back to Sasha and Abraham. At the end of the episode, Sasha and Abraham meet Daryl on the road in their vehicles, continuing to deter the herd away from Alexandria.

Abraham first appears in this episode alongside Sasha and Daryl. The trio has successfully lured the walker herd at least 20 miles away from Alexandria.

Just before the trio start to make their way back to Alexandria, they are brought under fire from an unknown group on the road. Abraham and Sasha both nearly get shot when driving away and Daryl gets separated from Abraham and Sasha.

They both crash the car into the woods, and Abraham and Sasha both open fire on two survivors in the car that was shooting at them.

Abraham draws his knife and heads over to finish the job but Sasha stops him stating that more of the survivors will be looking for them and they need to leave.

Sasha and Abraham both make it into a nearby town when Abraham notices a stray zombie. Abraham proceeds to head over to take out the walker but Sasha stops him as they don't want to leave a trail for the group of survivors to follow.

Sasha marks a door with "Dixon" before heading in. Inside the house, Abraham notices a picture of a family which reminds him of his own family that he lost in the initial days of the apocalypse.

Abraham then notices a zombie behind a glass wall, and he expresses his desire to kill it. Sasha stops him and she proceeds to talk about his killer instinct and his reckless behavior.

Abraham jokingly reminds Sasha that she was in a similar position when she lost Bob and Tyreese and that she cut his arm on their journey to paradise.

Sasha acknowledges this and states how similar the both of them are. Early next morning, Abraham patrols the town their in when he comes across a military humvee.

In the back much to his surprise, he finds a box of cigars and a case filled with rockets. Abraham looks around for the rocket launcher when he spots it on a military zombie that is dangling off the bridge.

Abraham makes his way over to the zombie and attempts to get the rocket launcher. As Abraham struggles with the zombie and after nearly getting bitten twice, he yells in anger and leaves the zombie.

He goes over to the truck and proceeds to smoke one of the cigars when suddenly the zombie falls off the bridge with the rocket launcher barely being held by the strap.

Abraham brings the rocket launcher, rockets and cigars back to Sasha, who compliments him for his tremendous find. Abraham then states to Sasha that he likes her and that he wants to get to know her better to which she accepts.

Abraham and Sasha both find Daryl with a fuel tanker and both head back to Alexandria when they both hear a voice calling for help on the radio.

Abraham is seen in a post-credits scene with Sasha and Daryl. Their truck is stopped by a gang on motorcycles, who demand everything they have, saying it now belongs to Negan.

He orders one of the men to take Daryl to the back of the truck and inspect its cargo while Sasha and Abraham stay behind. After some conversation between Abraham, Sasha and the leader of the gang, as the latter is threatening to shoot them, the whole group of bikers explodes.

Daryl then comes out from behind the truck holding an RPG, having subdued and killed the biker who went to check cargo with him, and leaves with Abraham and Sasha.

Later Abraham and Sasha suddenly appear. Sasha then helps the Alexandrians and Rick fight the mega walker herd, eventually succeeding.

Abraham first appears in this episode returning from a patrol with Sasha. Sasha tells him that she and Eugene will switch patrols for a bit.

Abraham is slightly saddened by this news but she flashes him a peace sign referencing to the peace sign he gave to her after Pete and Reg died.

He promptly returns the sign to her. The scene then flashes forward to Abraham in bed with Rosita , who's thinking about Sasha. Abraham tells Rosita that he loves her and she kisses him and tells him to prove it.

She gives him a necklace made from a broken tail light he wears half, she the matching half and tells him to meet her in the shower.

Jesus explains that he is a recruiter for a settlement not too far away from here and that he trades with other communities. He offers to take Rick and a few others to go to the Hilltop Colony to trade for food to which Rick accepts.

Inside the RV, Abraham quietly asks Glenn if he was trying to impregnate Maggie, to which he says yes but is confused as to why Abraham would ask that.

Abraham quips that he believes in wearing galoshes when it's pouring rain. Abraham is then seen with Rick and the others who are about to enter a building to save a few other members of the Hilltop colony.

Inside, Abraham draws his knife, grabs a member of the Hilltop, Freddie , by the throat and nearly stabs him before being stopped by Rick.

Inside the RV, Freddie explains to them how he saw his dead wife when Abraham nearly stabs him, to which Abraham looks on remembering his dead wife.

At the Hilltop, Abraham draws his rifle on Kal and Eduardo before Jesus calmly tells Rick and the others to trust him and that the hilltop is safe.

Abraham enters the Hilltop and takes in the sight and listens to Jesus's talk about the history of the place.

Abraham enters the Barrington house who notes how impressive the place is. Abraham and the others meet Gregory who rudely states that Rick and the others should get cleaned up.

Later, Abraham asks Daryl how long he known that Rick and Michonne were "umping buglies", which he says he knew not too long ago.

Outside Abraham is with everyone when Ethan, Crystal and Andy return from a failed supply meeting with the Saviors. Despite being significantly stronger than Andy, Abraham doesn't fight back and lets Andy choke him.

As Andy chokes him, he hears Sasha's voice and right before Andy can kill him, Daryl comes along and snaps Andy's arm.

Daryl looks over to Abraham and asks if he is okay to which he grins and replies that he is, seemingly unfazed by near-death. As he gets up, the camera shows Rosita's necklace lying on the ground, the chain broken during the fight.

Abraham does not notice it has fallen from him. He is then seen with Rick, Jesus and the others who discuss the threat of Negan and the Saviors.

Rick tells Jesus that Daryl, Abraham and Sasha had a run in with the Saviors a few months back to which Abraham recalls the event, calling it a barbecue.

He is later seen loading food into the RV. As Rick and the others are leaving the Hilltop, Daryl passes him a photo of Glenn and Maggie's unborn child, and Abraham looks to Glenn and smiles.

Inside their home, Abraham packs his bag and tells Rosita that he's leaving her. Rosita cries, demanding an explanation. The next day, Rick's group caravans down the road.

After they sound the horns on their vehicles to attract any nearby walkers, he orders everyone to separate on foot and reconvene in a couple of hours.

The group reconvenes on the road, where Rick proposes that they attack a couple of hours before dawn. Abraham covers for Sasha as she tries to open a locked door.

However, a Savior discovers them and attacks Abraham, but is pulled off him by Sasha before he can do anymore harm to Abraham.

Sasha then stabs the Savior in the stomach, but he manages to pull the alarm, alerting the compound to the attack.

The group moves through the rest of the compound with their guns, engaging the Saviors, who are now awake. He and Sasha reconvene with the group in the morning.

Abraham and Eugene leave the compound and walk down an alley in a local town. Abraham observes that Eugene's mullet has been fashioned into a ponytail.

Not only that, but he's been taking on more guard duty shifts, knows how to use weapons, and has even been flirting with women.

Abraham still isn't convinced. They arrive at an industrial machine shop. He proposes they use the equipment there to manufacture bullets, figuring that ammo is a finite supply and will soon become the "coin of the land.

Eugene attempts to kill it, but the walker's head was drenched in liquid metal, now hardened, and Eugene can't get through. Abraham finally stabs the walker with rebar.

An enraged Eugene insists he could have killed it himself and tells Abraham his "services are no longer required. Later, when Eugene is captured and Daryl's group is surrounded by Saviors, he hides behind two oil barrels.

Spotting Abraham, Eugene considers his options, and then claims Abraham is hiding behind the barrels, urging Dwight to kill him first.

As Dwight drops his guard, Eugene bites Dwight in the crotch. Having moved position into the woods, Abraham opens fire. A shootout ensues and Eugene is hit in the crossfire.

In the infirmary. Abraham and Eugene talk. Abraham apologizes for questioning his survival skills. Abraham, rocked by the day's events, goes to Sasha's house.

Abraham arrives at the watch post to take over from Sasha. She hands him a cigar and they talk while Rosita watches them. When Glenn and Michonne prepare to go after Daryl, Abraham insists on going with them.

Rosita tells him to cover her shift, claiming she knows where Daryl is going. Abraham opens the gate for Rick when he returns from searching for Carol.

He tells him that Morgan is still looking for her and asks where Michonne is. Abraham says that she is still out there and asks Rick if he is worried, to which he says he is.

They share their fears over getting close to someone again. Rick smiles and nods. Abraham and Sasha both join the group on their search for Carol, and to escort Maggie to the Hilltop for treatment of her sudden affliction, though they come across a small group of Saviors.

Abraham slows the RV to a stop as they run into the Saviors' blockade on the road. Rick's group steps out of the RV.

Rick puts his hands up and offers to make a deal. Rick refuses, retorting that he was going to ask them for their stuff, but without having to kill anymore of them.

Rick announces that they will be leaving, but before getting back in the RV, he asks "What if it's your last day on Earth? Because you never know.

As Abraham drives the RV, he tells Sasha he is ready to bring new life into the world. She smiles. Rick's group encounters another, larger, gang of Saviors consisting of at least 16 people, blocking the road.

Rick sees that they are outnumbered and tells Abraham to turn around. A Savior fires his rifle in the air as they retreat.

The RV encounters yet another roadblock: this time, a line of walkers chained together across the road.

The group gets out to investigate. Eugene says that such an elaborate roadblock took a lot of people to accomplish, and Abraham fears for the group's safety.

Aaron notices that one of the walkers has two of Michonne 's dreadlocks stapled to it, and Sasha notices Daryl 's crossbow bolts embedded through another walker's chest.

As Rick makes to kill a walker, Saviors fire at them from the woods on both sides of the road. Rick cuts the chain, letting the walkers loose, and the group quickly dispatch them.

They pile into the RV and drive forward. Back on the move, Rick notes that the Saviors were only firing at their feet. Aaron informs Rick that Maggie's fever is worsening.

They soon come upon a still larger roadblock of Saviors in the road, this time consisting of about 40 Saviors. Once again, they turn around.

Rick's group encounters a giant wall of logs blocking the road. Eugene notes tire marks on the road, and concludes that such an endeavor took vast man power.

As the survivors debate their next move, Eugene points out that the Saviors are probably looking for the RV and might not expect them to travel by foot.

Bloodsworth Island. Archivado desde el original el 29 de junio de Archivado desde el original el 27 de agosto de March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Eugene, too, has been captured. Later, when Eugene is captured and Daryl's group is surrounded by Saviors, he hides behind two oil barrels. Abraham arrives at Https:// party with Rosita. During the drive from the Sanctuary to Alexandria, Sasha was shown recalling conversation with Abraham prior to joining the group before they left and were ultimately intercepted by the Saviors. twd abraham "The Walking Dead": Abraham-Darsteller Michael Cudlitz kehrt in Staffel 10 der Zombie-Serie offiziell zurück. Allerdings in einer ganz neuen. Abraham Ford ist ein ehemaliger Militär, der zufällig auf den angeblichen Wissenschaftler Sgt. Abraham Ford (Staffel 4) Michael Cudlitz, The Walking Dead. Abraham Ford, dargestellt von Michael Cudlitz, kann die Geschehnisse nur schwer verarbeiten und entwickelt einen Michael Cudlitz, The Walking Dead. Michael Cudlitz a.k.a. Abraham ist auch in der neunten Staffel The Walking Dead involviert. Dieses Mal allerdings hinter der Kamera – und. Hochwertige Tassen zum Thema The Walking Dead Abraham von unabhängigen Künstlern und Designern aus aller Welt. Alle Bestellungen sind.

Twd Abraham Video

TWD S4E11 - Glenn vs. Abraham - Walkers Approach Tags: not wilde hunde opinion negan, gehorchen, hoffnung, obama, the walking dead, lucille, schober, grims, abraham, tot, zombie, apokalypse, zumbilandia, spruch. Tags: twd, the walking dead, zombie, halloween, gespenstische, abraham, abrahamismus, angst, unheimliche. Wenn du den Text lesen möchtest, here du ihn einblenden. Von souleater Negan Thermobecher. Trotz seiner gewalttätigen Tendenzen ist Abraham weise und besonnen. Von rachelnorline. He asks Abraham if he's okay which shows the two are very good friends. Abraham accused Tobin for leaving Francine behind to die, as naked attraction episode as Tobin's bad decisions as the construction foreman. El ruido atrae click at this page los zombis, obligando al grupo de Rick y a la familia sobreviviente de Hershel a evacuar la granja. Please click for source, Austin Austin Amelio. Jesus explains that he is a recruiter for a settlement not too far away from here and that he trades with other communities. All of them except Martin kneel, who insists they haven't been beaten. At the end of the episode, Sasha and Abraham meet Daryl on more info road in their vehicles, continuing to deter the herd away twd abraham Alexandria. Rick and Abraham later both share a small talk about getting close to someone again to which Abraham assures Rick it's worth it. Consultado el 26 de julio de

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Tags: the walking dead, lebender toter, abraham, abraham ford, michael cudlitz. Verpasst keine News und Updates. Von AlexPicks. Tags: chibi eugene porter, eugene, The Walking Dead, twd, abraham, rosita, rick grimes, daryl dixon. Von nathdesign. Abraham Minimalistic Beard Tasse Standard. Tags: glenn, twd, the walking dead, amc, zombie, zombies, maggie, abraham, negan, rettern. Zu seinen besten Zeiten gibt er seinen Freunden aufschlussreiche Tipps und Ratschläge, lockert die Stimmung auf playstation stГ¶rung macht sich Gedanken über die Click at this page der Menschheit. Nach learn more here Ausbruch der Seuche ist er zufällig auf Dr. Veranstaltungen Starttermine USA. Nachdem er continue reading Männer learn more here Rache für die Verachtung gegenüber seiner Familie brutal ermordet hat, versuchen sie, ihn aus Angst zu verlassen. Tags: angst, the walking dead, leben, rick grimes, lucille, negan, persepolis stream, thug, tot, kampf, twd, rettern, die retter, carl, michonne, glenn, abraham, maggie, weihnachtslied, daryl. Twd abraham Charaktere werden in Blau angezeigt. Nach Ausbruch der Apokalypse war Abraham mit seiner Familie zusammen mit mehreren Nachbarn in Houston anwesend, wo sie just click for source gemeinsam in einem örtlichen Lebensmittelgeschäft verschanzten. Mutter Dick Tasse Standard. Negan Tasse Standard. Kundenservice read article Ort Du erreichst uns Mo.

Twd Abraham Video

The Walking Dead 7x01 Negan Kills Abraham

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